The Tourist

One frequent questions by new XP 11 users, regardless if they intend to stay with XP or if they just want to try XP, is about must-have scenery. Besides the evergrowing payware market, X-Plane is well-known for its freeware community, which not only produces a LOT of scenery, but sometimes also really high-quality scenery. The problem is that there’s no easy way to find that for a newcomer. While XP veterans know the important names (such as MisterX6, ISDG, RDesign and others) and where to look, new users need to browse through download sites and dig through forum posts. That’s fine if you are … Continue reading The Tourist

X-Plane 11 in November – What do we know?

I think every X-Plane user does probably know by now that Laminar Research has announced yesterday the next major X-Plane version, XP 11, for November 2016. This is much earlier than I thought. A lot of questions and worries can be noticed among current and potential customers, on Facebook, in the AVSim forums, and elsewhere. In this article, I try to summarize everything we know as of today, from various official and half-official sources, to give an overview on this development. Please leave a comment if you think I made a mistake somewhere. What will be new? User Interface: A lot … Continue reading X-Plane 11 in November – What do we know?