Finally, Leaving the Void

Well, the title of this post is a bit exaggerated. Certainly X-Plane 11 is nowhere near a void, and has never been. It’s¬†better than any previous version has been. Still, the last few months felt a bit uncertain, because of the thing Ben Supnik called “engine chaos”. What had been a quite stable experience for many, suddenly (and quite late in the beta) had become some kind of a mess. Although I always emphasize to not use X-Plane 11 beta if one wants a stable flight experience, I make the same mistake ūüôā Because of beautiful things (like PBR, the … Continue reading Finally, Leaving the Void

The Tourist

One¬†frequent questions by new XP 11 users, regardless if they¬†intend to stay with XP¬†or if they just want to try XP, is about must-have scenery. Besides the evergrowing payware market, X-Plane is well-known for its freeware community, which not only produces a LOT of scenery, but sometimes also really high-quality scenery. The problem is that there’s no easy way to find that for a newcomer. While XP veterans know the important names (such as MisterX6,¬†ISDG, RDesign and others) and where to look, new users need to browse through download sites and dig through forum posts. That’s fine if you are … Continue reading The Tourist

X-Plane 11 in November – What do we know?

I think every X-Plane user does probably know by now that Laminar Research has announced yesterday the next major X-Plane version, XP 11,¬†for November 2016. This is much earlier than I thought. A lot of questions and worries can be noticed among current and potential customers, on Facebook, in the AVSim forums, and elsewhere. In this article, I try to summarize everything we know as of today, from various official and half-official sources, to give an overview on this development. Please leave a comment if you think I made a mistake somewhere. What will be new? User Interface: A lot … Continue reading X-Plane 11 in November – What do we know?